Why Rawbeet?


The  health scene in Melbourne is booming, with pressed juice shops and a wider variety of vegan eats popping up everywhere. It’s no secret the demand is fast-growing and we are so happy to see the change towards better health.

Our story

Rawbeet began as a personal quest for pure, healthy and nutritional grab ‘n’ go food.

Meet Jansen,

At 19 , who left university to travel the world! He felt he needed to explore the opportunities in other nations, and experience and integrate other cultures into his life. Little did he realise, he wouldn’t return back to Australia for 2 years!

It was this journey that allowed him to discover himself and reach out to other avenues of life. He returned to Australia with a completely flipped mind and a passion, drive and vision for what he wanted to do!

Always extremely passionate about health and fitness, his travels only confirmed that this is the direction he was going to head in. Compassionate vegan, foodie, and artist, he thrives on new knowledge, flavours and people around him, to create master pieces soon available to you.

Going with the theme of travelling, Jansen wants to be able to still travel, educate and meet people from all over. This is how Rawbeet was established.

Regular patron at many festivals, and always left a tad disappointed by the food alternatives. There was never anything that stood out, especially plant based nutrition. Thus, RAWBEET was born!

Meet Deb,

A mover and a shaker, always with a light bulb above her head! 22 years of successful compassionate business establishments, Deb always takes pride in doing something that liberates herself and others. Previous founder of a successful children's talent agency and boutique furniture shop, she loves a little bit of everything. Always very stylish and heavy into design, she played a huge part in the build of the van.

Together they are mother and son and are ready to revolutionize Melbourne and the festival food scene. With Debs years of business experience and artistic creativity and Jansens mouth watering food inventions and loud vegan voice these two should be watched with a close eye!