Your Pure Foods 

Do you think taking a path towards health is going to be hard? Do you groan about being committed to a “diet” to improve your wellbeing? Being committed should not be a burden, nor should it be boring. We make it easier and more convenient for you! With incentive grab ‘n’ go options, we serve the Melbourne vegan community with love. Our menu is seasonal and organic where possible, and includes gluten-free, raw, and nut-free food options. We have you set for the whole day! Breaky, lunch, dinner, smart snacks, and guilt free naughties ;). Our vegan items are prepared fresh daily with local and organic, where possible, ingredients. We know you hate waiting for something to be prepared, or sometimes you just don’t have time.  Our menu has been created using the most nutritious ingredients from mother earth: a colourful array of antioxidant – packed fruits and vegetables; and superfood ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon. Rawbeet was founded to give you easier access to vegan health food in Melbourne. What are you waiting for? Come visit us. Change your diet. Change your life.

Cold Pressed Juice

2-3KG of fresh organic where possible fruits and vegetables: that’s what you’re getting in just ONE Rawbeet juice. Raw. Fresh. Delicious. What is inside our bottles is drastically fresher and more nutritious than made-to-order juices you see elsewhere. The world went through a phase, which was good at the time, before we knew better ;). Where we wanted to see the fruits and vegetables juiced before our eyes in seconds before we drank it, to ensure it was fresh, right? Educate: The juices from this process are 80% water and only 20% nutrients. The nutrients and enzymes are torn apart in the process due to the extreme force used. These juices must be consumed immediately, as spoilage begins to occur. Also, the heat in extraction actually destroys most of the nutrients.

Then what your saying is I should buy bottled juice from the store?

Please don’t!

Educate: These bottles have going through what we call HPP – high pressure processing. This degrades the quality of the juice at a cellular level. This trick has been and is still used to extend shelf life, usually 45 days after they are created. So where’s the freshness gone? Keep this in mind when you next pick up a bottle that is labeled “fresh” from the store, as more than likely you are drinking something that was made more than a month ago.

What should I do?

Freak out!!

Superfood Smoothies

Need to take that edge of hunger away, but aren’t starving? Looking for breakfast on the go?

Cure your dips and fire up your nutrition with a Rawbeet smoothie.

Our smoothies contain whole fruits and vegetables that are blended with nutrient-dense superfoods like nuts and seeds to create a more fiber rich power-packed snack or meal.

We make our smoothies fresh everyday, but package them to make pure nutrition easier for you.

Our elixers are a great way to add a nutrition boost to your diet. They are also the foundation of our cleanses.