What is RAW?
RAW food is produce in its natural state that has not been processed or heated above 48 degrees celsius. Food that hasn’t been cooked, can be described as still live, therefore the produce withholds the original vitamins, enzymes and water. There are no hidden ingredients, what you see is what you get, living food for our living bodies.
Why are we different?
Our goal at Rawbeet is to make healthy, highly-nutrient juices, superfood smoothies and pure foods readily accessible to the wider community.
Higher Quality – All of our products are unprocessed, local and GMO free, made fresh daily.
Nutritional – All of our products are 100% plant based and 100% pure goodness. Our cold pressed juices and cleanses offer 5x the amount of nutrition than those made-to-order competitors
Accessible: You can continue with your busy lifestyle and still be healthy, with a vast range of juices, smoothies and individually catered cleanses as well as a delicious pure food grab-and-go menu.
No HPP!: Juices that under go High pressure pasteurization(HPP) in factories can be months old! Our juices are RAW and fresh lasting 72hours, unlike store bought juice that claims to be ‘fresh’ with a shelf life of 2 weeks.
 Are your products Vegan? Gluten Free?
All of our products are 100% vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Containing no animal products such as meat, fish, egg, or dairy.
Do you Deliver?
We Deliver 


Where are you located?
Rawbeet is a mobile, we come to you!
What does Cold Pressed mean?
Cold pressing is the process used to make the most nutrient dense, fresh and delicious juices possible.
Most made to order and home made juices are made using Centrifugal juicers that can overheat and oxidise the fruits and vegetables, resulting in immediate nutrient loss. Your typical ‘frothy, fresh’ juice. High pressure processing (HPP) is used to increase shelf life on products. This is undertaken in a specialised plant and degrades the quality of the product, not the type of plants we like or use.
At Rawbeet you are getting freshly pressed juices using on the finest technique to retain all vitamins and nutrients available in the plants original state.
First the fresh produce is crushed into a slurry, then placed under a hydraulic press to extract every drop of goodness. This preserves all the enzymes and nutrients resulting in the freshest tasting juice. To be consumed within 72hrs to obtain all nutritional benefits.
What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?
Our juices are created through cold-pressing fruits and vegetables. Our smoothies are blends of whole fruits and vegetables combined with healthy oils, nuts, and seeds to develop a more filling superfood smoothie. The nutrients in juices are immediately absorbed to fuel your body. The Smoothies are full of fibre and energy acting as meal replacement options keeping you fuller for longer!
What is the Shelf life of your Juices, Smoothies, and Pure Foods?
Generally 3-4 days for our juices, and 2-3 days for our smoothies. All of our products are fresh and unprocessed therefore immediate consumption is desirable. Your body will thank you when it consumes something that expires in a few days, rather than weeks.


Why do a Rawbeet Cleanse?
Our bodies are exposed to toxins, preservatives, and chemicals on a daily basis. This effect accumulates, and can result in stress, illness, fatigue, pains and addictions to sugar an caffeine.
Our Cleanses give your body a break from having to work so hard to digest and break down all the processed foods and fats. The cleanse will break old habits and allow your body to sing from the inside out. The consumption of the maximum amount of nutrients will jumpstart your way to a more sustainable healthier life.
Is Juice Cleansing safe?
Juice cleanses can be unsafe if done improperly, which can effectively be counterproductive. At Rawbeet we put safety first, and believe in constructing each cleanse individually to fit the client. Our options are realistic and help achieve sustainable health.
If you have known health issues, seeking a doctors advise is desirable.
How do i prepare for the Cleanse?
In the lead up to the cleanse, it is advised to cut out all meats, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine to prepare the body for the detoxification process. An increased consumption of fruits and vegetables is recommended, as well as plenty of water.
Can i Exercise?
Strenuous exercise during a Rawbeet cleanse is not advised. Light walking, stretching and yoga is fine! However, don’t forget this is a time for your body to restore and heal.
Will i get hungry?
The first two days may be difficult as your body is just getting used to not consuming solid foods, however it will be thankful during the entire duration of the cleanse. Be sure to choose a cleanse level you are comfortable with, taking into consideration the level of activity you will be participating in.
Will i lose weight?
At Rawbeet we believe the main focus of a cleanse is health, this may or may not result in losing weight, results may vary. Detox and feel great about doing a cleanse, don’t focus on the weight loss, we see the big picture as improved health and energy.
What items should i avoid?
Coffee, Cigarettes, alcohol, and gum.
How do i maintain the post benefits of the cleanse?
After completion of the cleanse, your body is used to being fuelled with goodness, cravings for junk will be no existent. It won’t be hard to continue the plant based lifestyle. Remember to eliminate sugars and processed foods, incorporate this into your daily routine and your on track to a more energetic life! Cleanse again if you feel you need a refresher!